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Endocrinology A popular term for any anti-sex antihormone factor See Pheromone
Sociology An informal term for a person who actively transgresses, or 'bends,' expected gender roles—e.g., a man who wears make-up and feminine clothes. Gender bending can have a subtext of social activism in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders
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Son's next hit was her gender-bender BOY, an unconscious homage to that production of Hamlet.
Double trouble lay in store for a firm promoting gender-bender dance troupe the Lady Boys of Bangkok.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, July 2003: This gender-bender YA novel is written by a British author of more than 50 books who had been a high school English teacher for many years before writing for young people.
The openly gay bombshell has spent the last decade playing bass and doing backup vocals for legendary gender-bender David Bowie.
Opening May 5 at Gotham's Film Forum, fascinating study of pioneering glam gender-bender could lure urban auds nationwide.
This gender-bender tale by the grandee of American letters,Gore Vidal,had her co-starring with the aged Mae West.
This Mary is a gender-bender; she could do the same for any man." (Kathleen Norris, Amazing Grace; Riverhead)
PROFILE of the little-known Bo'ness actor Euan Morton who became a real-life karma chameleon when he landed the role of gender-bender pop star Boy George in the new West End musical, Taboo.FILM: Bloody Sunday (ITV - Sun)
subsided, pop's gender-bender boom of the '80s appeared to be over.
The production is a return to form for Bernardo, who first charmed her way to viewers' hearts with the exceptional coming-of-age screen gender-bender, 2013's 'Ang Huling Cha-cha ni Anita.'
"Also try to use natural skincare products to avoid xenooestrogens, or 'gender-bender' chemicals, which come into the body from plastic and pesticide."
1 CORRIE'S ROY AND HAYLEY: Roy Cropper's crap marriage to gender-bender Hayley is in trouble because she's found out that when she was a bloke she fathered a son.
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