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in·fe·ri·or ge·mel·lus (mus·cle)

deep muscle of gluteal region; origin, tuberosity of ischium; insertion, tendon of musculus obturator internus; action, rotates thigh laterally; nerve supply, sacral plexus.


either of a pair of small muscles arising from the ischium. They rotate the thigh laterally and blend with the obturator internus tendon.

in·fer·i·or ge·mel·lus mus·cle

(in-fēr'ē-ŏr jĕ-mel'ŭs mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, tuberosity of ischium; insertion, tendon of musculus obturator internus; action, rotates thigh laterally; nerve supply, sacral plexus.
Synonym(s): gemellus, musculus gemellus inferior.


(jĕm-ĕl′ŭs) plural.gemelli [L., twin]
Either of two muscles inserted in the obturator internus tendon.
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Herein, we report a female case of non-discogenic sciatica secondary to inflammation of the inferior musculus gemellus.
After articular capsule and short external rotators (Including piriformis, superior gemellus, inferior gemellus, quadratus femoris) were reattached to the posterior border of the greater trochanter by several bone holes after replacement, one of our researchers, who did not involve in the operation and in evaluation of the results, was responsible for opening these envelopes and preparing the study medication.
Petit Gemellus nuptias Maronillae et cupit et instat et precatur et donat.
Measurement of left and right QF muscle CSA was performed on electronic imaging software, InteleViewer (Intelerad, Montreal, Canada), by manually tracing around the muscle borders of the four most cephalad slices that were inferior to obturator internus and inferior gemellus.
Entre las herbaceas se distinguen: Arisaema macrospathum, Aristida schiedeana, Arracacia pubescens, Asplenium monanthes, Conopholis alpina, Dahlia coccinea, Deiregyne pyramidalis, Echeandia longipedicellata, Echinopepon gemellus, Geranium schiedeanum, Lobelia laxiflora, Lopezia miniata, Oplismenus burmannii, Sisyrinchium tenuifolium, Spigelia speciosa, Sprekelia formosissima, Verbesina tetraptera y Zeugites smilacifolius.
Variations include multiple branches from the nerve to the quadratus femoris, different trajectories through the greater and/or lesser sciatic notch, branches from nerves to the obturator internus or superior gemellus, and direct innervation from the sacral branches or obturator nerve.
The statistical landmarks of indicators gemellus lateralis muscle left and right between the two tests post tests sample Muscle Variables Tests triball after me Mean Std.
De la presencia del arcaico sufijo alternante -teros /-tena, deduce que quiza responda al latin Gemellus, hipotesis algo arriesgada que mantiene en ALBERTOS, 1983, p.
Como deciamos lineas arriba, puede tratarse de un cognomen comenzando por Ge[ ], que presenta posibilidades varias, como Genialis, Gemellus, Germanus, Geminus, Geminianus, Genetiuus o Gentianus (testimonios hispanos de todos ellos en Abascal, 1994: 379-380); las otras dos opciones que senalabamos, Gl[ ] o Gr[ ], ofrecen por su parte otras variantes de restitucion, sea como Glabrio o Glaucus (Abascal, 1994: 380-381), o como Gracchus, Graecus, Granianus, Gratus, entre otros (ibidem: 381-382).
Virdius Gemellus was also an independent procurator in Bithynia during Pliny's governorship.
However, the first ischial cut can be easily performed prior to repositioning through the lateral incision, between the inferior gemellus and obturator externus muscles, with optimal visual control of the sciatic nerve.
and in statues; (13) Gaius and Tiberius Gemellus, the heirs of Tiberius, on a coin of A.