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gels, herbal suspensions made from gums, gelatin, or pectin that are used on mucosae and in cases in which long-lasting, slow-acting astringent properties are needed.
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Such forward-looking statements include statements regarding the efficacy and intended utilization of the topical gel, and regarding the Company's clinical trials.
Such statements include, but are not limited to, statements relating to: 1) The ZOOM Proteomics System simplifying protein gel separation and/or enabling laboratories to use the technique with minimal time and/or money investment; 2) The ZOOM Proteomics System enabling high-throughput Proteomic research, and; 3) Invitrogen enhancing life science discovery by making procedures more accessible to all laboratories.
Progenesis is an effective means of standardizing 2D gel analysis for every scientist who participates in the Center's projects, now and in the future.
Erez Chimovits, President of the BioApplications Division of Compugen, stated, "Through automation and advanced computational modeling, Z4000 enables the comprehensive analysis of experiments with hundreds to thousands of gels -- a process that was practically impossible until now.
ProteinScape automatically collects data including gel objects from gel imaging software.
Gel dosimetry involves the use of emerging techniques in which absorbed dose is measured by the use of radiation sensitive gels.
If the competition sells 10-ounce jars of gel for $5-$10, he'll market a 16-ounce product, and pass the bulk savings along.
Many marathoners consume an excess of gels over the course of a race.
The so-called rheoreversible gel consists of a cleaning solvent mixed with a polymer called polyallylamine.
Crosslinked gels are formed by overheating the resin.
Further, Z3 provides research oriented tools for data mining and querying, allowing scientists to extract a vast amount of information from 2D gels in general and large scale experiments in particular.