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Conversion into gelatin or a substance resembling it.
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Onset temperature (To), peak temperature (Tp), conclusion temperature (Tc) and enthalpy of gelatinization (H, J/g) were determined.
At 153[degrees]F (67[degrees]C), starch gelatinization is complete.
The influence of amylose and amylopectin characteristics on gelatinization and retrogradation properties of different starches.
The first stage of gelatinization begins with heating the starch.
Of major significance in the extruding and expanding process is starch gelatinization. During starch gelatinization, the crystalline structure of the starch granules is destroyed and the starch within the mix becomes an amorphous blob.
This was evidenced through microscopic examination of the progress of starch gelatinization through the Lintonizing[TM] of potatoes.
We cook grains, beans and potatoes to cause starch granules to swell and burst, releasing the starch molecules via gelatinization. From this point, starch-digesting enzymes in the intestine liberate the glucose.
The germplasm has an apparent amylose content of 196 g [kg.sup.-1] and tow gelatinization temperature, as indicated by an average alkali (17 g [kg.sup.-1] KOH) spreading reaction of 6.0.
* TIP 0304-14 Statistical process control of starch gelatinization temperature
* effects on different functional food characteristics such as starch gelatinization, protein denaturation, and enzyme inactivation.
The complex crumb structure of cakes is due to the delaying effect of sugar on the gelatinization of starch in flour and the prevention of gluten formation.
A possible explanation may be related to different salt effects on the gelatinization behavior of starch at elevated pressures.