gelastic seizure

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ge·las·tic sei·zure

a seizure characterized by bursts of involuntary laughter or giggling, usually without an appropriate affective tone; most often related to hypothalamic lesions, such as hamartomas.
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Later, it turned out, that he was suffering from a rare form of epileptic episode called gelastic seizure, reports the New York Daily News.
This tumour causes Finley to have endocrine problems, severe epilepsy, gelastic seizures, darcrystic seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, developmental delays, rage attacks and learning difficulties.
Gelastic seizures are epileptic events characterized by bouts of laughter.
Gelastic seizures have been related classically with Hypothalamic Hamartomas (HHs), although several descriptions have mentioned other locations.
Pathological laughter has been described in many clinical conditions including gelastic seizures and pseudobulbar palsy.
Gelastic seizures associated with hypothalamic hamartomas are generally resistant to medication.
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