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Alexander H., Russian anatomist, 1842-1907. See: Gay glands.


1. A homosexual, especially male.
2. Denoting a homosexual person or the male homosexual lifestyle.
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adjective Referring to either male or female homosexual orientation.

noun Homosexual; vernacular for both male homosexuals and male homosexuality.
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adjective Referring to either ♂ and ♀ homosexual orientation, as in gay rights activism noun Homosexual; vernacular for ♂ homosexuals and ♂ homosexuality. See Homosexuality. Cf Closet.
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1. A male homosexual.
2. Denoting homosexual individual or the male homosexual lifestyle.
See also: lesbian
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An informal term for homosexual, usually male.
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Q. Is this a malady if i am homosexual? because i feel sometimes very unhappy and outside the society... Some people would say - "oh yes", other could say: "i don't know, but i think this is not so common or normal", "homosexual? even the rats don't do it in the laboratories", "they should be exterminated", and so on. In fact we hear probably more bad stuff, than something else. My brother is homosexual and was very long depressive, because he could not tell it to our parents. Perhaps he is still depressive - a little bit from time to time. He lives with his partner. I do not pretend to have the key about it, nor the why nor the "how it comes". I share here with you what I have been taught some years ago. I can live with that. It makes for me sense. I know that many of you will not agree with it, but as long we have not a better explanation...

A. I've worked with different gay people, open and in the closet. I have nothing but good experiences with them. I have never had a talk with them regarding their bring up or how they discovered they were gay.


A. thanxs...very helpful...wInk

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But this clearly is not happening, leading many to insist that there is nothing genetic about gayness.
He's All Man: Learning Masculinity, Gayness, and Love from American Movies suffers because-as the subtitle suggests-the author takes on such a broad spectrum of topics (albeit interrelated ones).
Is it only our generation for whom such imagery takes on an erotic valence because of our more open attitudes towards gayness and religion?
While I would argue that, aesthetically speaking, the torturous middle ground of frantic and ecstatic self-betrayal is by far the more interesting, Nelson's account ties artistic accomplishment to a conflict-free authorial self-acceptance, and this achievement is tied to an ability to overcome the specificities of gayness, even as his account implicitly ties this overcoming of queerness to the closet.(2)
In "Gayness and G-d: Wrestlings of an Orthodox Rabbi," he called for a "deeper understanding of homosexuality within the Orthodox world.
So are insights drawn from zoology and current-day theoretical physics, reflections on the impact of the late--1960s sexual revolution and open gayness, and Paz's further thoughts about the nature and effect of modernity, among many other topics.
19, which said '@Espanto2001 gayness at its finest.' Labajo then explained his side saying he tried to reach out to Espanto privately.
And, suddenly, this is the year when Hollywood notices the new phenomena of racism, lack of roles for women, sexual abuse and er gayness.
A national correspondent for the New York Times, Schwartz tells us about his son's difficulties as a gay teenager while also examining research into gayness, homophobia, and teen suicide.
She wants to make a big announcement to her granny, who will take the gayness in her stride but wonder why she's making such a big thing of it.
Grey, bagginess of ensemble should not be mentioned: this indicates neither pregnancy nor gayness. Be trusting and open, thus giving your daughter permission to be so.