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Since we consider various (quality) measures which--besides gatekeeping incentives--respond to differential financial incentives, our findings may provide insight to gatekeeping effects within both fee-for-service and capitation remuneration schemes.
Another area of investigation is around gatekeeping and doctoral students.
This limited-remand rule would come into play when a district court erred in failing to perform its Daubert gatekeeping duty, and the court of appeals could not deem the error harmless.
Network gatekeeping theory applies the conceptual infrastructure of gatekeeping theory, in which journalists select which news the public sees, to social and information networks created by the Web, where the ability of users to create and circulate their own content changes the roles of gated and gatekeeper.
Reasons related to the child (27 percent), traditional social norms (24 percent), father's leisure (14 percent) and maternal gatekeeping (13 percent) also appeared regularly throughout the LFI articles, as shown in Figure 2.
Foster and McAdams (2009) added to the gatekeeping literature by emphasizing the importance of openness and transparency with students to promote trust in faculty members and accurate student perceptions of the gatekeeping process.
Considerable research attention has focused on the use by news organizations of material obtained from social networks, processes of networked gatekeeping, the extent to which media digitization influences journalistic norms and practices (Lindgren, 2013), and tools allowing users to debate news items.
accounting of agency gatekeeping helps us to see these two choices not
95) For example, judges make substantial gatekeeping decisions with regard to character evidence under FRE 404(b).
For example, Williams and Delli Carpini (2004) have argued that alternative media providers such as the Drudge Report and radio personality Don Imus now have the capacity to drive the mainstream news cycle, rendering much traditional gatekeeping obsolete.
Halfmann shows how medical gatekeeping was incrementally reduced in the UK, while in Canada, it was struck down by the courts in the 1988 Morgentaler decision, often considered Canada's Roe.
Literary quality is not always a benchmark for the seeming popularity of a book but it might be an interesting exercise for all who have responsibility for gatekeeping to ask if the books given to their young charges are appropriate or are they merely being made available as an easy option.