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Relating to the stomach and spleen.
Synonym(s): gastrolienal
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adjective Referring to the stomach and spleen.
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Relating to the stomach and the spleen.
Synonym(s): gastrolienal.
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The emergence of the gastrolienal trunk (Fig.2a; for a schematic drawing, see Fig.2b) bifurcating with the hepatic artery occurred in 17 animals (56.7%).
In all the dissected animals the lienal artery emerged directly of one way form of the celiac trunk or the gastrolienal trunk, after that it was divided in two branches in 28 animals (93.3%) and in three branches in 2 animals (6.7%).
This result is not consistent with the ones obtained in this research in which the classical trifurcation was found in 33.3% and the gastrolienal trunk was found in 56.7% of the examined animals.
According to what has already been mentioned, in our dissected animals the most frequent feature was the presence of the gastrolienal trunk.
Bednarova & Malinovsky (1984) identified, in dissections performed on 34 cats, the most frequent morphological arrangement, which is the classical trifurcation, refuting the results obtained by Berg, Borelli & Boccalletti, in which the presence of the gastrolienal trunk was the predominant formation.