gastric mucosa

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mucosa of stomach

the mucous layer of the stomach.
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pylori positivity and association are often seen in gastric mucosa samples accompanying HP (16).
In biopsies that contained oxyntic gastric mucosa, changes suggestive of PPI use, such as parietal cell hyperplasia and dilated fundic glands, were seen on microscopic examination.
Whether it means protection of gastric mucosa from AC, remains as an idea to be tackled in future work.
Orally administered NSAIDs have a local effect on the gastric mucosa, inhibiting the water-repelling effects of the mucus barrier, allowing acid and digestive enzymes to penetrate.
[[beta].sub.1]- and [[beta].sub.2]-adrenergic receptors have been identified in the gastric mucosa and antrum muscle in rats (43), together with elevated levels of [[beta].sub.3]-adrenoceptor mRNA expression in the muscle fibers of the gastric fundus and the pylorus (44).
On histopathologic examination of biopsy, gastric mucosa was found in 16 cases (54%), colonic mucosa in 12 cases (40%), pancreatic acini in 1 case (03%), and neuroendocrine tumor in 1 case (3%) [Table 6].
pylori infection was determined by histopathological examination of gastric mucosa and double staining method.
In the previously reported study by El-Omar, (21) the presence of -31 T allele may enhance the production of IL-1[beta] in the gastric mucosa, leading to intense gastric inflammation.
Since many of us do not take water anymore after dinner until we wake up in the morning, the gastric mucosa may be a
In cancerous cells, a higher expression of EpCAM protein was observed (59.3% of cancers with a positive expression of EpCAM protein) in comparison with normal gastric mucosa (Figure 1).
Factors such as increased stress, impaired mucosal resistance, genetic factors, infection with Helicobacter pylori, and anti-inflammatory drugs including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID's) can damage gastric mucosa. Anti-inflammatory drugs including NSAID's are an important proven cause for gastric ulcer, ulcer perforation, gastric, and duodenal bleeding and in ulcer death.