gastric mucin

gas·tric mu·cin

a white or yellowish powder that forms a viscous opalescent fluid with water, prepared from mucosa of hog's stomach by pepsin-hydrochloric acid digestion and precipitation of the supernatant fluid with 60% alcohol; used in peptic ulcer for its protective and lubricating action.
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A gene on chromosome 11p15.5 that encodes a gel-forming glycoprotein of gastric and respiratory tract epithelia, which protects the mucosa from infection and chemical damage by binding to inhaled microorganisms and particles, which are subsequently removed by the mucocilary system.

Molecular pathology
MUC5A stains are positive in foveolar dysplasia.
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[20] Mucus release promotes epithelial recovery by neutralizing luminal acid, protecting against pepsin, oxidants, and other damaging agents [22] with hexosamine as the main constituent of gastric mucin. [23]
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