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Position statements: ipecac syrup, gastric lavage, single dose activated charcoal, cathartics.
Gastric lavage and active charcoal administration had been performed in 7 patients who presented to an emergency department in the first two hours among the patients with beta blocker intoxication.
There is no specific antidote and quetiapine overdose is managed by appropriate supportive measures including: gastric lavage and administration of activated charcoal and a laxative, maintaining airway and ensuring adequate ventilation and oxygenation, and cardiovascular monitoring (18).
Gastric lavage was done, and activated charcoal was administered for possible overdose.
Induced sputum or gastric lavage for community-based diagnosis of childhood pulmonary TB?
In the present study, we used a combination of supplemental oxygen, administration of methylene blue, dermal decontamination, gastric lavage, MDAC and ascorbic acid as well as CVVH.
3%), gastric lavage and activated charcoal were performed in 14 subjects (10.
Auramine-rhodamine staining of gastric lavage fluid was positive.
17] These ubiquitous pathogens have been found not only in the air, but in fresh water, sea water, tap water, bottled mineral water, industrial cooling water, medicinal pools, chlorinated swimming pools, frozen swimming water, ocean sediment, air conditioners, dental treatment units, gastric lavage tubing, dialysis units, contact lenses, sewage, soil, and compost.
OG and NG tubes are not limited to anesthesia and are used frequently through many areas of medicine and surgery to include treatment of bowel obstruction, routine placement in intubated patients in the ICU, gastric lavage, etc.
Gastric lavage was not performed, since he was unconscious.
Two months later, the child was hospitalized because the severity of symptoms had increased, and Beijing strain Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria were isolated from a gastric lavage sample.