gastric folds

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gas·tric folds

characteristic folds of the gastric mucosa, especially evident when the stomach is contracted.
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When tumors were very small and difficult to palpate, nonspecific thickening of gastric folds could easily be mistaken for tumors, impairing the correct identification of SNs by inducing the injection of the markers without including the whole tumor perimeter.
Debakey and Oschner suggested that hair entrapment in the gastric folds is the initiating event.3 Due to its indigestibility, resilience and slippery nature, it becomes entrapped within the mucosal folds where it gets enmeshed, and acquires more hair and thus acquires a larger size.
To further evaluate any esophageal involvement of the scleroderma, an esogastric radioscopy was performed, which visualized two lacunar images in the pyloric antrum and hypertrophic gastric folds (Figure 4).