gastric arteries

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gas·tric ar·ter·ies

arteries supplying the stomach along the lesser curvature. See: left gastric artery, right gastric artery.
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gas·tric ar·te·ries

(gas'trik ahr'tĕr-ēz)
Arteries supplying the stomach along the lesser curvature.
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However, formation of abscess in this area may also develop during the division of the gastric fundus from the short gastric arteries which can leads to partial ischemia of the spleen with subsequent infarction and necrosis.
Bariatric embolization of the gastric arteries for the treatment of obesity.
We should also mention the presence of two posterior gastric arteries, which also branched from the splenic artery.
The surgeon, at this final stage of our maneuver, tractioned the tape by holding it at the midpoint of the intersection of the hepatic and left gastric arteries towards the distal side by means of the endograsper/endoclinch (Figure 5b, 5c).
Suggested collateral pathways in cases of splenic artery thrombosis include anastomosis between the right gastroepiploic artery (from the gastroduodenal artery) and left gastroepiploic artery (from the splenic artery) on the greater curvature of the stomach and gastric branches of the left gastric artery and short gastric arteries (9).
Caption: Figure 6: (a) After the Warshaw operation, spleen is supplied by short gastric arteries and left gastroepiploic artery and drained by short gastric veins and left gastroepiploic vein.
The cholecystectomy is performed, the common and proper HAs are isolated, and the right gastric vessels and gastroduodenal artery are identified and clamped to make sure that the arterial flow either in hepatic or gastric arteries remains normal and there is no unrecognized CT stenosis.
Ligation of the hypo gastric arteries and its complications in the resection of cancer of the rectum.
It was surrounded by some fairly significant vasculature, but it appeared these were just branches of the gastric arteries in normal anatomic location.
Corresponding vessels were gastroduodenal artery (n = 3), Jejunal branches of SMA (n = 2), and a single case from right ileocolic and left gastric arteries each.
The technique of introducing these radioactive spheres first involves embolisation of the gastroduodenal and right gastric arteries and is followed by a single injection of the treatment into the hepatic artery by arteriography, delivering 1.7 GBq per sphere.
After a short median trajectory, the celiac artery emits the ventral cecal artery, after which it forks into the right and left gastric arteries. These last two vessels are destined, respectively, to the right and left walls of the stomach, from which originate pancreatic branches.