gastric area

gas·tric ar·e·a

one of a number of small polygonal areas's, 1-6 mm in diameter, separated by linear depressions on the surface of the mucous membrane of the stomach; they contain the gastric pits, with several gastric glands opening into each pit.
Synonym(s): area gastrica [TA]
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An immunohistochemical panel was applied because of the breast cancer history and the circumference gastric area was not precancerous.
This pH gradient permits the development of different environments that allow the growth of microorganisms, being the mucosal surface the more hospitable gastric area [21].
Participants recruited from clients at my clinics in Yagoona, Penrith and Chatswood presented with one or more of the following: gastric reflux, unspecified burning sensations in the gastric area, confirmed gastric or duodenal ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease.
After selection and setup of the catheter, the operator reaches the pathological gastric area and advances in order to allow the use of the device under direct vision.
At baseline, the mean gastric area was 3.2 [+ or -] 0.5 [cm.sup.2].
Quantitative DGR was calculated by measurement of the cumulative radioactivity over the gastric area in the hepatobiliary scintigraphy imaging study.[sup][11]
Products with high brand awareness are more likely to be chosen by local consumers when self-medicating their minor symptoms of discomfort in the gastric area. The number one brand, Si Da Shu, for instance, invited renowned actors Zhang Fenyi and Sun Honglei to be its product ambassadors to promote its brand awareness in the review period, in addition to aggressive TV commercials.
Should the symptoms be frequent and last for weeks or months, we are likely to seek medical attention, with the expectation that something abnormal will be found in the gastric area. However, an upper GI series (swallowing barium and then being x-rayed) may prove negative.