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(găs′ər), Herbert Spencer 1888-1963.
American physiologist. He shared a 1944 Nobel Prize for research on the functions of nerve fibers.
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After Wright's statement and after other authorities announced their belief that many of the incidents were based on hysteria, the number of reported gasser incidents dropped substantially.
A 1945 article in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology explored the Mad Gasser of Mattoon as a study in mass hysteria.
Chambered for eight 8mm Gasser cartridges, the lockwork of this extremely well-made double-action was robust and easily serviced by simply pulling down on the rear of the triggerguard to release and open a hinged sideplate, at which point all would be revealed.
Though overshadowed by the Model 1912 Steyr Hahn auto, the Rast & Gasser saw widespread use by Austro-Hungarian forces during World War I.
Shortly after the turn of the 20th century, Rast & Gasser produced a version of the M.
During the conflict, Gasser revolvers also saw service with the armies and irregular forces of, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Turkey.
Greenwade did not want to sign Morgan, but Jarvis and McLish would not sign until he agreed to sign all three Gassers.
At a reunion of the Gassers on September 27, 2001, in Oklahoma City, Bobby Morgan expressed his deep appreciation of the coaching and character of his boyhood Gasser manager, Roy Deal.
Gasser also made the revolver commercially, and these became particularly hot items when M.
In any event, plucky Montenegro's fight against the Turks and subsequent independence gave the Gasser revolver quite a cachet among the intelligentsia, and variations, made by Gasser as well as Belgian imitators, became all the rage on the continent.
In order to address the seemingly endless demand for weapons from the kingdoms, warlords and tribal warriors of the Balkans, the following year, Gasser introduced what was to become its best-known product.
Prince, later King, Nikola I (1841-1921) of Montenegro obtained a license from Gasser making him the sole importer of their products into his country.