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Relating to or described by Johann L. Gasser.
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Glycerol injection at Meckel's cave might stimulate the Gasserian ganglion which in turn led to sudden sympathetic charge and produced these cardiovascular changes [7].
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It is surrounded by various clinically significant structures, including the cochlea, middle ear, eustachian tube, gasserian ganglion, geniculate ganglion, greater superficial petrosal nerve, and jugular fossa.
The fresh whole brain and a tissue block formed by the Gasserian ganglia, carotid rete mirabile and pituitary gland were submitted for histopathological evaluation.
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Other locations have included the Gasserian ganglion (43) manifesting clinically as trigeminal neuropathy, which had a signal intensity similar to cortex on T1-weighted imaging, heterogeneous signal intensity on T2 imaging, with marked uniform enhancement on postcontrast T1 imaging.
There was one report each of PRF application to Gasserian ganglion (25), sphenopalatine ganglion (26) and glossopharyngeal nerve (27).