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(găs′ər), Herbert Spencer 1888-1963.
American physiologist. He shared a 1944 Nobel Prize for research on the functions of nerve fibers.
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Finkel mirrored Gasser's notion of putting food right in the customer's hands.
Gasser then examines the "propaganda war" between the Anglican chaplain Samuel Harsnett and the Puritan minister John Darrell that took place between 1599 and 1603 over the dispossessions performed by Darrell.
Once they got to South Korea, they camped outdoors in sub-zero temperatures en route to Pyeongchang's Phoenix Park to see Gasser compete.
Bronze medalist Rukajarvi concurred with Gasser, when asked whether organizers had made the right decision.
Gasser, 56, a Gretna telecommunications contractor, was on his way from work when he was cut off by Joe McKnight - who according to witnesses was driving recklessly on the road.
Adham Gasser, Regional CFO, P&G, said there is a lot happening around but the key will be catching up with the technology and the millennials.
The filter presses feature HPT pumps to work at more than 20 bar; Gasser Shakers for the perfect discharging of the cakes; and, Allen Bradley PLC system with remote monitoring and
QUB's Dr Gasser Abdelal is leading the design, manufacturing, and testing of the satellite's structure, mechanisms and thermal subsystems.
Para Marianne Gasser, jefa de la delegacion del CICR en Alepo la prioridad era no solo prestar asistencia a las personas mas vulnerables sino asegurar que los civiles dejaran la ciudad de forma voluntaria, "las comunidades vivian en barrios que quedaron totalmente devastados por la violencia, y las familias han luchado durante meses para encontrar seguridad, comida, asistencia medica o un alojamiento apropiado.
Preventing relief aid, foodstuff, and necessities from reaching the city is an utter catastrophe, said Marianne Gasser, head of the ICRC mission in Syria.
Invented by Leopold Gasser and known as the Gasser system in Austria, it was a massive six-shooter chambered for the 11.15x36.
They are hungry and they need us," Marianne Gasser, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Syria said.