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A popular term for a person—often a young male—who engages in the paraphilia commonly known as sexual asphyxia or erotic self-strangulation
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Gaspers. Exponential Time Algorithms: Structures, Measures, and Bounds.
We are developing this Venturi entrainment concept to create a modified gasper that will filter any air taken from all your neighbors' spaces to yours, thereby removing all or at least many of the airborne pathogens that might otherwise enter you breathing zone (whether the gasper is on or not, air is being circulated between passengers by slot diffuser airflows originating near the side wall and aisles, for example), and allow you to point a 10 to 15 cfm filtered airstream into your breathing zone.
This modified gasper is illustrated as a portable unit at and as a built-in unit in Figure 9 at
The big wet mark I had left on the cigarette was given a nickname that I could not possibly repeat in the politically correct 1990s and was enough to get me banished from the junior gaspers circle.
A bit exaggerated, to be sure, but not much different from the rhetoric of anti-smoking activists (or "gaspers," as Nick calls them).
THE INTERESTING THING ABOUT DEATH cigarettes is that they really exist, and the gaspers hate them.
In the new edition of the Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, drunks are elbow- benders, elderly people are coffin-dodgers and ciggies are gaspers.
In this 90-minute interactive online briefing, Mark Gasper of IKEA North America will provide real world insights on how and why IKEA is now installing solar at locations throughout the U.S.