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A calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volumes of gases.
See also: spirometer.


A calibrated instrument used to measure volumes.

gasometer (gasäm´ətur),

n a calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volume of gases. Used in clinical and physiologic investigation for measuring respiratory volume.
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The gasholders in Wavertree once helped ensure local homes had a reliable supply of gas.
Although the homes will be at least 70 meters away from the gasholder, the Health and Safety Executive told Newcastle Council it should turn done the plans.
The "giant gasometer" he described is in fact a gasholder.
On the website they have posted photographs TAKEN from the top of the gasholder at night.
He writes: "I feel particularly sad at the demise of the Foleshill gasholder as I served my apprenticeship there in electrical engineering.
The 150ft-high derelict gasholder, standing on an old British Gas site in Cardiff earmarked for the shop, is officially listed as a national treasure.
The distinctive gasholder, on Gasworks Street, Hillhouse, has dominated the town's skyline since its construction in 1916.
Brave Lorna Brooks, from North Shields, climbed 60ft to the top of an ice-covered gasholder to plug leaks made by incendiary bombers during one of the North East's heaviest air raids on April 9, 1941.
I HAVE just about caught up with my sleep now after the early start a couple of Sundays ago when I went to watch the demolition of the Foleshill gasholder.
ENGLAND should stick their heads in The Oval's giant gasholder if they waste the dream start by Mike Atherton and Marcus Trescothick yesterday.
The gasholder was constructed by WC Holmes in 1916.
THE demolition of the Foleshill gasholder - blown up to make way for the new Sky Blue soccer stadium - prompted readers to send in photographs and memories of the landmark.