gas tube

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gas tube

An obsolete type of X-ray tube.


any elastic aeriform fluid in which the molecules are widely separated from each other and so have free paths.

alveolar gas
the gas in the alveoli of the lungs, where gaseous exchange with the capillary blood takes place. See also oxygen, carbon dioxide.
blood gas
gas bubble disease
a disease of fish in tanks in which the water is supersaturated with oxygen or nitrogen. Gas embolism develops in the gills. Air bubbles can be seen in the gills, eyes and under the skin and the fish show bizarre nervous behavior.
gas cap
a cap of gas above fluid or solid contents in a hollow viscus, e.g. in a static rumen. Seen radiologically in distended intestinal loops in paralytical ileus.
gas edema disease
gas exchange
gases move by simple diffusion in response to pressure differences; net diffusion occurs from areas of high pressure to areas of lower pressure irrespective of whether the gas is present as a gas or in solution or gases moving from gas to solution or vice versa. The rate of exchange of gases in body tissues, e.g. between alveolar space and erythrocyte, is influenced by many other factors, especially the diffusion distance and the solubility of the gas.
gas inhalation
irritant gases, e.g. manure gas, cause pulmonary edema.
laughing gas
nitrous oxide.
manure gas poisoning
see manure pit gas poisoning.
tear gas
a gas that produces severe lacrimation by irritating the conjunctivae. See lacrimator.
gas transport
relates to the efficiency of transport of gas, e.g. oxygen, by the patient as a whole. The efficiency of gas transport varies widely between normal individuals and between species, e.g. athletic breeds of horses and dogs have much faster gas transport systems than human athletes; the efficiency of gas transport in the individual depends largely on the rapidity of increase in minute ventilation, plus a similar rate of increase in cardiac output.
gas tube
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The gas tubes on those M16A1s were pinned into a front sight housing, which served as a gas block/front sight/bayonet mount.
To compensate for various levels of pressure and to minimize wear on the action, the Egyptians added a gas control valve in the direct impingement gas tube.
No big deal to the shooter because the handguards are round but it can be a big deal to the gas tube because it passes through a narrow channel in the back of the top handguard.
Since the gas tube enters the upper receiver and directs the gas into the gas key, it's imperative that the two components maintain a tight seal.
I would suggest before repairers replace the carrier key or bolt carrier assembly that they first check for a bent gas tube.
Most gas systems have a port, a gas tube and a piston.
35 thousandths) from the front of the receiver would allow the nut to screw on far enough to align the notches with the gas tube hole.
There were other problems like gas tube to float tube contact as well as handguard end caps rubbing against the backs of the front sight housings.
Also included are a gas tube nylon brush, gas tube mop, a pin punch with a gas port scraper tip and 50 cleaning patches.
Invitation to tender : Creating a watertight excavation statements, steel sheet piles to lay the gas tube memory
Gas moves through a port in the top of the barrel, down a gas tube, and into the bolt carrier group where it cycles the action.