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Allium sativum (family Liliaceae), its bulb contains up to 0.9% of volatile irritating oil with antiseptic action; has been used as a diaphoretic, diuretic, and expectorant.
Synonym(s): garlic
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A culinary and medicinal perennial plant that contains amino acids and volatile oils (e.g., allicin and vitamins A, B and C) and owes its aroma to the high content of selenium, which is eliminated through the lungs and skin as dimethyl selenide
Chinese medicine Chinese chive, da suan Garlic is used in traditional Chinese medicine as an antimicrobial and general tonic, and for colds, cough, diarrhoea, gastrontestinal complaints, parasites, rheumatic disease, shellfish poisoning, tuberculosis, tumours and vaginitis, as well as to increase internal secretions, and topically for athlete’s foot, fungal and parasitic infections. See Chinese herbal medicine
Herbal medicine In Western herbal medicine, garlic is used internally for atherosclerosis, colds, coughs, flu, gastrointestinal complaints, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, liver and gallbladder disease and as an anthelmintic; as with Chinese herbal medicine, it is used topically for athlete’s foot, fungal and parasitic infections and as a rubefacient. See Herbal medicine
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A herbal product promoted for treatment of vascular disease, dyslipidemias, and hypertension.
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Patient discussion about garlic

Q. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments? I have heard that garlic is very good for cardiac health and using in curries or cooked with foods will be helpful. I have also heard that it has anti-inflammatory substances and also helps in weight loss. Is garlic helpful in heart ailments?

A. It acts as antioxidant and reduces the amount of free radicals in your body. It’s helpful once taken raw. But the raw garlic can cause bad breadth and blistering of skin and diarrhea. So, there should be a reduced intake of raw garlic. It’s better to have garlic in a cooked up form like in curries or with vegetables. This will also give the desired benefits of garlic and the side effect of over consumption of garlic will also be reduced.

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Mrs Allingham added: "The Really Garlicky Company has grown from that quarter of an acre and now we will harvest 20 acres this year, just in time for Turriff Show.
8 Serve with creamy mashed potatoes with the garlicky juices poured over the top.
He recently rejected a raw kale salad as too garlicky and vetoed its croutons.
The farm-raised seafood is cleaned, cut and fresh-frozen within hours of being harvested and available in six varieties: Spicy Shrimp Romesco; Lemon Shrimp with Garlic & Herbs; Salmon with Garden Pesto; Salmon with Garlicky Black Pepper & Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Tilapia with Lemon, Pepper & Herbs; and Tilapia with Garlic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The black cod was typical of Hakkasan's sensory-disrupting culinary style with the fish's moist, succulent texture and rich flavour combining with the sharp garlicky taste of the Chinese chives.
A tasty bonus: You can use scapes from flowering garlic--which have a pleasantly mild garlicky flavor--in soups, salads, stir-fries or pestos.
These latest products follow in a string of successful garlicky products from the farm such as butters, chutneys, condiments, sauces and salts.
They were then served a treat - a pickled egg covered in chocolate, chocolate milkshake laced with wasabi and very garlicky jelly and cream.
The aioli is typically Italian, though, garlicky, thick and creamy - a wonderful combination.
Summary: In South Korea, home of kimchi and other garlicky food, having fresh breath for life's big moments, such as a kiss, is a big concern.
fingers, a savory, garlicky fishy flavor, I want a word.