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A program that condenses ‘dead’ storage space from deleted files on a hard drive, allowing storage despite ‘insufficient memory’ messages
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They act as nature's garbage collectors by cleaning up carcasses and other organic waste found in the environment.'
Two garbage collectors were sent to Penang Hospital after experiencing dizziness, blurred vision and vomiting within minutes of consuming the coffee, after their Bangladeshi co-worker came across it.
One danger with imported trucks is that the garbage collectors tend to hang onto the outside of the truck instead of getting inside truck, as Korean cities are more crowded than other countries and the distance between pickups is short.
Private garbage collectors have told him they cannot compete with the county's Soddy-Daisy presence, and it is "costing them jobs and business," he said.
"The announcement of the Technical Education and Skills development Authority (TESDA) to train and certify garbage collectors could lead to a loss of entrepreneurial spirit from slum dwellers who have been collecting garbage for money," said Carlito Badion, secretary general of Kadamay.
When we arrived at the scene garbage collector had already killed.
"Egypt's Minister of Justice says sons of garbage collectors cannot become judges.
The move comes amid a host of strikes, including one by public-transport workers and garbage collectors.
By Ramesh Mathew/Staff Reporter Municipal garbage collectors struggling to hold on to a horizontal bar while standing precariously on the narrow rear platform of a moving garbage vehicle is a common sight on the city's roads, raising serious concerns over their safety.
The garbage collectors can guarantee the security and reliability of the runtime systems, but they also introduce additional performance overhead.
Then there are garbage collectors who are under-paid and under-appreciated.
A woman pushes her pram while walking past a pile of trash during the ninth day of strike by garbage collectors against pay cuts and their working hours in the Andalusian capital of Seville on February 5.