gap period

gap pe·ri·od

(gap pēr'ē-ŏd)
Phase of a cell no longer in the cell cycle and thus at least temporarily incapable of division.
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While doing the job in Maidenhead, I had visited Mrs Richardson, so when I wrote to tell her of the time-gap, she invited me to stay with her during the gap period.This suited me because the Primary course was intense and I was advised to revise my Anatomy and Physiology to derive maximum benefit from the revision course.
Federal shutdowns--the colloquial term for the funding gap period that causes a full or partial shutdown of federal government operations and agencies--have become the new normal.
Generally speaking, MAE clauses (also referred to as "material adverse change" or "MAC" clauses) address the problem of significant developments affecting the value of a deal that occur during the "gap period" of an M&A transaction the time between the signing of the agreement and closing.
Her gap period, which stretched to more than two years, saw her playing badminton, taking up voice lessons, and even trying out show biz by essaying a minor role in one of her father's movies.
Creditors interested in Chapter 15 cases need to be aware that they'll have to watch related cases closely and assert their rights quickly, as provisional relief--including collections stays--afforded to debtors during the gap period while final relief is being considered can harm their interests, Gross noted.
Irving says without the extra work it is looking at significant staff layoffs during that gap period.
* There is no publicly available financial information covering the eight-month gap period from October 2015 through May 2016.
This is frequently referred to as the "Chapter 15 gap period," which typically results in a flood of creditor lawsuits and vessel arrests across the world.
This limited model of engagement is seriously outdated and does not resonate with Gen Y consumers -- and insurers' greatest challenge today is to change the customer experience to build loyalty with this demographic by developing meaningful interactions during that gap period.
Congress could allow a gap period where no estate tax applies to decedents who die in that period.
El-Samadoni stressed in the statement that the divorce will not take effect until after the e'ddah (gap period in Islam, where divorced women must wait three months before they can remarry).
There also is uncertainty about how much of a drug use barrier Part D cost-sharing creates, with some suggesting eliminating the Part D coverage gap entirely or at least providing generic drug coverage during the standard gap period (H.R.