ganzfeld stimulation

ganz·feld stim·u·la·tion

Although in German spelling Ganzfeld, like all nouns, begins with a capital letter, in English the word is spelled with a lowercase g.
Illumination of the entire retina in the electroretinogram.
[Ger. Ganzfeld, whole field]
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The supposed psi-conducive state could be measured simply by requiring participants to respond to taped instructions with numerical ratings during every 10 min of ganzfeld stimulation (Parker, Millar, & Beloff, 1976) but this proved disturbing and seemed to result in significant psi-missing scores (Parker, 1975).
This finding provides strong support to study individual responsiveness to ganzfeld stimulation and the potential mechanisms that may explain success in psi tasks.
For instance, participants are asked to image remote targets when exposed to ganzfeld stimulation (Bem & Honorton, 1994; Bern, Palmer, & Broughton, 2001; Palmer, 2003; Storm & Ertel, 2001; Utts, 1995), in remote viewing (Dunne & Jahn, 2005; Puthoff & Targ, 1976), and in dream research (Sherwood & Roe, 2003).
The sender was not asked to influence the RNG in any way but to send information to his or her partner undergoing ganzfeld stimulation. An independent judge (JW) rated the virtual mentations according to their similarity to the target video clip and three decoys, as the "human receiver" had done with his or her own personal mentation.
Does ganzfeld stimulation really induce an altered state of consciousness, and if so, what state is it?
These statements were coined by the authors to describe the original target set and were intended to be accurate but not overly specific (e.g., "a sense of flying or floating" rather than "a flock of birds flying overhead") so that they were more characteristic of the kinds of descriptions given during ganzfeld stimulation, and also so that they could in principle help identify targets from other sets.
Dunne, Warnock, and Bisaha (1977) described a single-participant study in which the ganzfeld stimulation period was divided into 10 min during which the sender remained blind to the target and a further 5 min when they became aware of it.
Three previous studies involving ganzfeld stimulation have compared sender and no-sender conditions within the same study (Morris, Dalton, Delanoy, & Watt, 1995; Raburn & Manning, 1977; Williams, Roe, Upchurch, & Lawrence, 1994), but these have been inconclusive.
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