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An extract from the leaves of Uncaria (Ourouparia) gambier (family Rubiaceae); an astringent. Commercial gambir is known as terra japonica.
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Hose began planting gutta rian trees around Poak utilizing land impoverished from growing Uncaria Gambir that provided fertiliser for Piper Nigrum (pepper vines) trees (Martine 1946: 39).
Gautham Gambir (11), Irfan Pathan (0) and Sachin Tendulkar (two) had all been dismissed in an excellent opening spell by former Warwickshire fast bowler Shaun Pollock.
PETER Easter by lands a cracking double on a Sand own raid when Norton Cross (A Brown) takes advantage of the departure of Duke Nicholson's Gambir (P Scud am ore) to land the Scilly Isles Chase.
Mr Teng is from the North Malukus and is the head of Gambir Village, the only settlement on Gag Island, a diminutive and isolated 56-square-kilometre coral atoll located 150km north-west of Sorong, in the Raja Ampat archipelago, the world's most diverse marine environment.
From Shiseido comes Bio-Performance, an anti-aging product line that is based on gambir extract (from Asian medicinal plant, Uncaria gambir) and vitamin A acetate, Future Solution, a youth-maintaining product based on marjorum and Chai Hu extracts, and Basala, a comprehensive 13-product men's line.
In his day, Wallace was constantly looking over his shoulder, noting, "There are always a few tigers roaming about Singapore, and they kill on an average a Chinaman every day, principally those who work in the gambir plantations .
Tenders are invited for construction and maintenance of road from km 11th of l039 to gambir mughlan, package no.
Summary: Gotham's finest may be needed to keep tabs on Uthapa and Gautam Gambir
50) Imports listed were iron, salt, nankeen; cotton cloth, sarongs, brass wire, iron pans, chintzes, red broadcloth, crockery, gunpowder, muskets, flints, handkerchiefs, gambir, dates, tobacco, sugar, sugar-candy, biscuit, baharri, decanters; glasses, silk, ginghams, nails, and "other little things, such as Venetian beads; ginger; curry-powder; onions; ghee; &c.
For the rest we get glimpses of people, literally in passing, either on a bicycle (the vehicle of the cultural citizen; Illustration 16), as bystanders, or as anonymous visitors to the yearly fair, Pasar Gambir, in the centre of Batavia.
Launched last week, the clearing offensive that concluded late on Friday night targeted militants in the district's Katar, Gambir and Sanga areas, Syed Fazullah Wahidi, told a news conference in Asadabad, the provincial capital.