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An extract from the leaves of Uncaria (Ourouparia) gambier (family Rubiaceae); an astringent. Commercial gambir is known as terra japonica.
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The actor jumped in joy as his teamled by gautam Gambir lifted the cup against all odds.
Tim Jurusan Arkeologi 2005 Ekskavasi arkeologi di situs Batu Gambir, Desa Julah, Kecamatan Tejakula, Ka bupaten Buleleng, Bali.
Gautam Gambir, having spent all night planning a matchsaving innings, edged to second slip.
And with Dhoni joining Gambir and both going great guns, the issue was never in doubt," said David, an ardent cricket fan.
The cost of Gambir Dam has gone up from Rs 2.10 billion to Rs 10 billion, of Nalong Dam from Rs 11.70 billion to Rs 32 billion, of RBOD-3 Nullah Rs 4.4852 to Rs 6.5359 billion, of ROBD-1 Rs 14.7071 billion to Rs 17.2960 billion.
RAWALAKOT, November 27, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Seven people including the driver have been killed and 3 injured in a traffic accident at Danda Gambir. As per details a passenger wagon coming from Danda Gambir was on its way to Hajira when due to over speeding the driver lost control and the wagon fell in to a deep ditch, As a result seven passengers including the driver died on the spot while three were injured.
India drove home the advantage of batting first on winning the toss, building on the overnight centuries from openers Gautam Gambir (167) and Virender Sehwag (131) and their 233-run stand.
17 Which England player took the wicket of Gautham Gambir with this third ball in Test cricket in December?
With the pitch breaking up India will be hoping Gautam Gambir and VVS Laxman can continue their imperious batting form to maintain their series lead.
Gautam Gambir hit 206 while VVS Laxman was 165no after 146 overs.
Bet365 - man of the match: 9 A Flintoff, K Pietersen, S Tendulkar, 11 S Ganguly, 12 I Bell, A Cook, Z Khan, J Anderson, 14 R Dravid, Y Singh, P Collingwood, 16 D Mascarenhas, S Broad, R Bopara, R Singh, G Gambir, 18 A Agarkar, M Dhoni, M Prior, 20 C Tremlett, M Patel, M Panesar, O Shah, K Karthik, R Uthappa, 22 P Chawla, R Sharma, 25 R Powar; most sixes: 6-5 England, 19-20 India, 6 tie; highest first ten overs score: 11-10 England v 4-6 India; batsmen match bets: 5-6 K Pietersen v 5-6 S Tendulkar, 5-6 I Bell v 5-6 A Cook, 8-11 S Ganguly v evs G Gambhir.
Gautham Gambir (11), Irfan Pathan (0) and Sachin Tendulkar (two) had all been dismissed in an excellent opening spell by former Warwickshire fast bowler Shaun Pollock.