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An extract from the leaves of Uncaria (Ourouparia) gambier (family Rubiaceae); an astringent. Commercial gambir is known as terra japonica.
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To look for archipelago-specific effects, two grow-out sites were selected per archipelago: Gambier (Atiaoa and Taku bays), Society (Tahaa and Raiatea Islands), and Tuamotu (Ahe and Arutua atolls).
For the first row, 4 boiled and 4 uncooked eggs (eight altogether), bunched of 8 ketupat, 8 sungki tied together with red threads, one cubit (small bowl for the telaga piring) in one plate and small cash (as a token for the men who are performing the miring and bebian (prayer) ceremony, and red threads; daun rukuk apimg and tobacco in one saucer; 8 chopped betel nut pieces, roll of 8 sirih and 8 gambier leaves tied in red threads in one saucer; boiled rice in one saucer; and salt in one saucer.
Published in the journal Bulletin of Volcanology, researchers at Monash University's Volcanology Research Group used 3D geometrical computer modelling and thermodynamics to work out how big an eruption from Mount Gambier would be.
Germain to the Puget Sound area to meet with a man who'd witnessed the attack on the Gambier Bay and saw the ship sink.
In five different locations for the past 150 years the citizens of Mount Gambier, South Australia's largest regional city, have had access to library services originally through an institute (subscription) library and, since 1967, through a free public library jointly funded by local and state government.
Mount Gambier was chosen on the untested assumption that there existed attitudes of plentiful water supplies.
However, very little work has been done with Acacia catechu and Uncaria gambier tannins.
His mentoring extended to young faculty members and to the Gambier community, where he coordinated volunteer opportunities for Kenyon students and consulted with public schools and the community center.
But in July 1826, on the death of his wife, Captain Gambier resigned from the Navy.
Benefiting particularly from the acquisition of Willis Gambier, the Group's UK segment recorded a satisfactory growth; while the launch of a new series by US branded divisions and new business also helped the Group's overall performance, alleviating the impact of the declining furniture market in North America.
Hywel Jones, 55, was ambushed as he left his car when he arrived for work at the Gambier Village on the island of New Providence.
Lawyers from the firm complete the purchase by Samson Holding Ltd of the assets of Willis Gambier - whose products are sold in High Street stores such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis and House of Fraser - in four days.