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Application of direct current (galvanic) electricity, as in galvanizing (electroplating).


The process of applying a protective coat of zinc to a ferrous-based metal (e.g., iron or steel). In the classic sense, galvanisation refers to electrochemical or electrodeposition, but in common practice, the metal of interest is dipped in molten zinc.

The obsolete practice of using low levels of direct current as a therapeutic modality.


(gal?va-ni-za'shon) [ galvan(ic) ]
Therapeutic use of a galvanic current.
See: faradism.
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With its existing compressor system, Highland Galvanizers found itself in the common situation of having a compressor designed to perform continuously at maximum output capacity, whereas this maximum capacity was only required at limited peak times.
Industrial Galvanizers chose three vehicles -- two 14,000-lb capacity trucs and one 9,000-lb capacity truc.
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The purchase aligns with AZZ's strategy to expand its network of galvanizers and to broaden its service offering in the Midwestern US, president and CEO Tom Ferguson said.
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Starting originally offering zinc transfer services for companies using HDG furnaces, we, Zinco Service, guided by our founders long experience as galvanizers and the technical expertise of our technicians, have become a specialist in HDG process and technology.