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Application of direct current (galvanic) electricity, as in galvanizing (electroplating).


The process of applying a protective coat of zinc to a ferrous-based metal (e.g., iron or steel). In the classic sense, galvanisation refers to electrochemical or electrodeposition, but in common practice, the metal of interest is dipped in molten zinc.

The obsolete practice of using low levels of direct current as a therapeutic modality.


(gal?va-ni-za'shon) [ galvan(ic) ]
Therapeutic use of a galvanic current.
See: faradism.
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There was no base steel corrosion, as the hot-dip galvanized steel samples formed the stable surface deposits (zinc salts).
The superior cooling capacity of aluminum evaporators allows the designer the choice between (a) selecting an evaporator having fewer rows and/or wider fin spacing for lower first cost, or (b) using the same size unit (same rows and fin spacing) and operating at higher suction pressures with resulting reduced operating costs, compared to galvanized steel.
Galvanized nails react with the tannins in redwood and cedar and can cause black stains.
Research shows that galvanized rebar has concrete bond strength equivalent to or exceeding epoxy coated bar and higher than black or stainless steel bar, GalvaBar engineers note.
Each of the assembled galvanized brackets holds up to five cardboard struts and the 'Paper Tower' formed a dramatic, cone-shaped centrepiece for the annual design festival in front of the Royal Festival Hall on the capital's South Bank.
Different wire-tying systems are often configured to work with one of the two main types of wire: black annealed or galvanized steel wire.
In contrast, the lightweight galvanized steel elements -- the hoops, drainage hoppers and gargoyles -- are bolted to the carriage.
For nails and bolts, you'll generally find galvanized and plated.
320 m spiral duct dn 100 made of galvanized steel, Seams seamed 2 x approx.
In partnership with the International Zinc Association and 13 supporting operators, the American Galvanizers Association has overhauled the Galvanized Rebar website, www.
Finally, the galvanized steel is either immersed in a quench tank to cool or it is allowed to air dry.