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Application of direct current (galvanic) electricity, as in galvanizing (electroplating).


The process of applying a protective coat of zinc to a ferrous-based metal (e.g., iron or steel). In the classic sense, galvanisation refers to electrochemical or electrodeposition, but in common practice, the metal of interest is dipped in molten zinc.

The obsolete practice of using low levels of direct current as a therapeutic modality.


(gal?va-ni-za'shon) [ galvan(ic) ]
Therapeutic use of a galvanic current.
See: faradism.
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Thailand commanded the largest share of Southeast Asia galvanized steel market, mainly attributed to its market-leading position in the production of automotive and white goods in the region.
Hot-dip galvanized steel showed no signs of corrosion after 1,500 hours exposure in the salt fog test.
Aluminum is superior to galvanized steel for efficient heat transfer.
Galvanized nails react with the tannins in redwood and cedar and can cause black stains.
Best use of Detail went to The New Portland Arms by Michael Trentham Architects which used galvanized steel to anchor untreated larch and Normandy Grey brickwork.
Continuous galvanizing yields a rebar compliant with AST M A1094/ A1094M-16, Standard Specification for Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement, and ASTM A1055/A1055M-16, Standard Specification for Zinc and Epoxy Dual-Coated Steel Reinforcing Bars.
Each of the assembled galvanized brackets holds up to five cardboard struts and the 'Paper Tower' formed a dramatic, cone-shaped centrepiece for the annual design festival in front of the Royal Festival Hall on the capital's South Bank.
Different wire-tying systems are often configured to work with one of the two main types of wire: black annealed or galvanized steel wire.
In contrast, the lightweight galvanized steel elements -- the hoops, drainage hoppers and gargoyles -- are bolted to the carriage.
The most weather-resistant galvanizing process is "hot-dipping." Nails and bolts treated with this process are labeled "HD." Unfortunately, the fasteners you're likely to find at home centers will be "hot galvanized" (HG) instead.
After decades of neglect and having been all but permanently destroyed by fire in 2010, the Pier won the Galvanizing in Engineering Award for an ambitious reconstruction which used galvanized trusses, cross beams and ties.
The responsive site harbors technical information related to specifying and designing with galvanized rebar, as well as performance and cost data.