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Application of direct current (galvanic) electricity, as in galvanizing (electroplating).


The process of applying a protective coat of zinc to a ferrous-based metal (e.g., iron or steel). In the classic sense, galvanisation refers to electrochemical or electrodeposition, but in common practice, the metal of interest is dipped in molten zinc.

The obsolete practice of using low levels of direct current as a therapeutic modality.


(gal?va-ni-za'shon) [ galvan(ic) ]
Therapeutic use of a galvanic current.
See: faradism.
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LUXEMBOURG & CHEREPOVETS, Russia -- Representatives of Arcelor (Pink Sheets:ARLOF) (BOURSE:LOR) and Severstal have inaugurated their joint galvanising line, Severgal, located at Cherepovets, 400 km north of Moscow, during a ceremony held on 13 April 2006.
One of Britain's largest galvanising specialists is to increase its business in the United States through a new partnership.
This was an essential ingredient in the US$205 million financing for a new hot dip galvanising line project in Estonia.