galvanic current

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1. something that flows.
2. specifically, electricity transmitted through a circuit.
alternating current a current that periodically flows in opposite directions; its amplitude fluctuates as a sine wave.
convection current a current caused by movement by convection of warmer fluid into an area of cooler fluid.
direct current a current that flows in one direction only; when modeled as a wave, its amplitude is constant. When used medically it is called galvanic current. This current has distinct and important polarity and marked secondary chemical effects.
galvanic current a steady direct current.
current of injury an electric current that flows between injured myocardium and normal myocardium, because such cells have a reduced membrane potential; it may be either diastolic or systolic.
current of injury, diastolic the current that flows from injured to noninjured tissue during electrical diastole.
current of injury, systolic the current that flows from healthy tissue to injured tissue during electrical systole.
inwardly rectifying current current that rectifies so that it passes more easily towards the interior of a cell.
leakage current the electrical current that exists in the parts or metal case of electrical equipment.
outwardly rectifying current current that rectifies so that it passes more easily towards the exterior of a cell.
potassium rectifying c's transmembrane currents that rectify inwardly or outwardly to make adjustments in cellular functions; they are mainly responsible for the repolarization phase of the action potential. There are at least six mechanisms by which potassium ions move across cardiac cell membranes in the role of rectifier.

di·rect cur·rent (DC),

a current that flows only in one direction, for example, that is derived from a battery; sometimes referred to as galvanic current.
See also: galvanism.

gal·van·ic cur·rent

(gal-van'ik kŭr'ĕnt)
Low-voltage direct current.


Luigi, Italian physician and anatomist, 1737-1798.
galvanic bath - water bath that is charged with galvanic current.
galvanic current - continuous one-direction electric current.
galvanic skin response - skin's response to electric stimulation. Synonym(s): electrodermal response
galvanic-faradic test - an electrodiagnostic test of muscles.
galvanism - oral manifestations of direct current electricity occurring when dental restorations with dissimilar electric potentials (such as silver and gold) are placed in the mouth. Synonym(s): voltaism
galvanometer - an instrument used to measure current.

gal·van·ic cur·rent

(gal-van'ik kŭr'rĕnt)
Low-voltage direct current.

galvanic current

a steady direct electric current.
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It is observed that Mg corrosion in the couples UC-Mg and IA-Mg displayed almost similar amount of Mg loss and corrosion rate, which is consistent with the measured galvanic current values (Figure 14a).
In addition, the presence of stress risers in the structure and the other metals in the structure tend to produce galvanic currents.
The next stage was called disincrustation which draws out impurities and softens blackheads using a galvanic current.
We do this by using specific gels and ampoules beneath the thermal clay mask which are then propelled into the deeper layers of the skin by the galvanic current.
High therapeutic efficiency is achieved due to galvanic currents created in the skin, on the points of the needles and between the needles, which lead to an increased selective metal micro-electrophoresis into the internal environment of the body.