gallstone ileus

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gall·stone il·e·us

obstruction of the small intestine produced by passage of a gallstone from the biliary tract (usually the gallbladder as a result of cholecystitis) into the intestinal tract (usually by means of a fistulous connection between the gallbladder and the small intestine); occurrence and site of obstruction depend on size of the stone, but the usual location is at or near the ileocecal junction.
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gallstone ileus

An obstruction of the small bowel, occurring typically but not exclusively in elderly female patients and caused by the trapping of a large gallstone at or near the ileocecal valve. Most gallstones responsible for ileus are greater than 2.5 cm in diameter.
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Gallstone ileus

Obstruction of the large intestine caused by a gallstone that has blocked the intestinal opening.
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Acute, subacute, and chronic classification can also be performed according to the onset of gallstone ileus. The chronic type is referred to as Karewsky syndrome and is characterized by chronic repetitive pain attacks and asymptomatic periods, resulting from the passage of bile duct stones through the bowel (3).
* Surgical management of gallstone ileus must be individualized according to the patient's comorbid conditions.
Usufulness of CT-scan in the diagnosis and therapeutic approach of gallstone ileus: report of two surgically treated cases.
The term 'gallstone ileus' refers to mechanical small-bowel obstruction as a result of acute or chronic cholecystitis.
Gallstone ileus: increased diagnostic sensitivity by combining plain film and ultrasound.
Although there has been report in the literature of successful conservative management of gallstone ileus (8), gallstone ileus is managed surgically.
Less common presentations and complications include the Mirizzi syndrome, cholecystocholedochal fistula, and gallstone ileus. (2)
Here, we present a case of primary intestinal enterolith causing small bowel obstruction that was originally diagnosed as a secondary gallstone ileus.
This type of gallstone ileus was first described by the Beaussier in 1770 and again by Leon Bouveret in 1896 [5].
Male Female 1 Simple chronic cholecystitis 28 138 69.2 with cholelithiasis 2 Simple acute on chronic 0 10 4.2 cholecystitis with cholelithiasis 3 Acute acalculus 0 5 2.1 cholecystitis 4 Acute cholecystitis with 2 16 7.5 mucocele of gallbladder 5 Acute cholecystitis with 2 11 5.4 empyema of gallbladder 6 Gallstone with pancreatitis -- -- -- 7 Acute cholecystitis with -- -- -- gallbladder perforation 8 Acute cholecystitis 1 0 0.4 gallbladder gangrene 9 Gallstone ileus -- -- -- 10 Carcinoma gallbladder 2 5 2.9 11 Mirizzi's syndrome -- -- -- 12 Chronic cholecystitis with 1 13 5.8 choledocholithiasis 13 Benign GB polyp with acute 1 1 0.8 acalculus cholecystitis 14 Asymptomatic chronic 1 3 1.7 cholelithiasis
Gallstone ileus is a rare disease and accounts for 1-4% of all cases of mechanical intestinal obstruction.