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acute paroxysmal abdominal pain. It is particularly common during the first three months of life; the infant has paroxysmal, unexplained crying and may pull up arms and legs, turn red-faced, and expel gas from the anus or belch it up from the stomach. The exact cause of infantile colic is not known but several factors may contribute to it, including excessive swallowing of air, too rapid feeding or overfeeding, parental anxiety, allergy to milk, or other feeding problems. It generally occurs at the same time of day, usually at the busiest period. The parents need sympathetic support and assurance that the condition is not serious and most infants gain weight and are healthy in spite of the colic.
biliary colic colic due to passage of gallstones along the bile duct.
gastric colic gastrodynia.
lead colic colic due to lead poisoning.
menstrual colic dysmenorrhea.
renal colic intermittent, acute pain beginning in the kidney region and radiating forward and down to the abdomen, genitalia, and legs; the usual cause is calculi in a kidney or ureter. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diaphoresis, and a desire to urinate frequently.
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bil·i·ar·y col·ic

intense spasmodic pain felt in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen from impaction of a gallstone in the cystic duct.
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bil·i·ar·y col·ic

(bil'ē-ār-ē kol'ik)
Steady, ill-defined epigastric or right upper quadrant pain generally resulting from impaction of a gallstone in the cystic duct or ampulla of Vater with resulting distention of the gallbladder or biliary tract.
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biliary colic

Severe pain caused by the attempts of the gall bladder or bile duct to overcome the obstruction of a gallstone by contraction of the muscle fibres in the wall.
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Patient discussion about biliary colic

Q. what do i do with my gallbladder i'm not living a norimal life. i'm in pain every day. i cant eat the foods that i like because they make me hurt to bad. who says it will keep working at 6% what if it quits working completely them what do i do?

A. The best solution for gallbladder pain (usually because of gallbladder stones) is surgery. Removing the gallbladder is a simple surgical procedure that will solve the problem. You should see your family doctor and discuss this idea with him/her.

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