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lead sul·fide

PbS; the native form in which lead is chiefly found.
Synonym(s): galena
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READ: Galena Mining feasibility study reaffirms half billion dollar base metal mine
The Galena Complex produced approximately 383,000 silver equivalent ounces, including approximately 200,000 silver ounces, representing decreases of 3% and 9%, respectively, when compared to Q2, 2018.
Located just 18 kilometers from downtown Galena, this vineyard and winery gives guests a sense of remove in a picturesque setting where it's all about the wine.
"The Galena Nuclear Project" chronicles the journey to determine if this reactor was compatible with the community needs and capabilities.
Natural pure galena, pyrite, sphalerite, and chalcopyrite minerals were purchased from Ward's Scientific USA.
Keywords: low grade, lead-zinc ore, galena, sphalerite, beneficiation, froth flotation, grade, recovery
* The report provides brief overview of Galena Biopharma, Inc.
Under the terms of the agreement, Galena Biopharma will receive USD3.75m cash upfront and up to USD26m in additional cash upon the achievement of certain sales milestones.
Lev considers telling Galena about the empty bottle.
Galena, Jumada I 17, 1436, Mar 8, 2015, SPA -- The Environmental Protection Agency said that Thursday's oil train derailment and spill in Illinois poses an "imminent and substantial danger" of contaminating the Mississippi River, UPI reported.
We have full confidence in our patents listed in FDAs Orange Book today and intend to defend our rights vigorously together with our partner Galena. said Nikolaj Sorensen, Orexo's President and CEO.
26 September 2014 -- Iowa US-based bank holding company Heartland Financial USA Inc (NASDAQ: HTLF) said that it will merge and rename its Riverside Community Bank and Galena State Bank and Trust subsidiaries as "Illinois Bank & Trust."