Galactose in pyranose form.
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The main chains of ASP were composed of (1 [right arrow] 3) linked galactopyranose (Galp), (1 [right arrow] 6) linked Galp, and 2-OMe(1 [right arrow] 6) linked Galp, which had three side chains attached to O-3 of 2-OMe- (1 [right arrow] 6) linked Galp and terminated with (1[right arrow]) linked glucopyranuronic acid (GlcpA) and arabinofuranose (Araf) (Figure 1(b)).
Although showing poorly resolved spectra, it was possible to infer resonances associated to the presence of [alpha]- [sup.1]H- and [beta]-[sup.1]H-anomeric signals attributed to protons of (1,4)-linked galactopyranose and anhydrogalactose at down-field region and of (1,3)-linked galactopyranoses at up-field region (Maciel et al., 2008; Fenoradosoa et al., 2009), respectively.
Agarose is an alternating copolymer of 3-linked--D galactopyranose and 4-linked 3,6-anhydro-agalactopyranose units.
This fraction also contains some sugars including galactopyranose (3.62%), D-mannopyranose (2.48%), [alpha]-D-glucopyranoside (0.75%), and [beta]-D-galactofuranose (0.67%).
Both [alpha]- and [beta]-[sup.1]H-anomeric signals of the spectrum resonating from [[delta].sub.H] ~4.6 to 5.6 ppm were ascribed to be down- and high-field regions belonging to the 4-linked units and 3-linked galactopyranoses and anhydrogalactopyranose units, respectively (Cardozo et al., 2007; Prajapati et al., 2014; Smit, 2004).