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A polysaccharide containing galactose in various forms.
[galacto- + G. -gen, producing]
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Mating and 20-hydroxyecdysone cause increased galactogen synthesis in the albumen gland explants of Helix aspersa (Mollusca).
Galactogen synthesis-stimulating factor in the slug, Limax maximus: cellular localization and partial purification.
Considering the importance of breastfeeding for mothers and infants, galactogens of natural or synthetic origin are recommended to stimulate milk production.
Galactogen catabolism by embryos of the freshwater snails, Bulinmaea megasoma and Lymnaea stagnalis.
similaris maintained under different population densities were analyzed, focusing on the oviposition, hatchability and galactogen content in these snails.
The galactogen was extracted according to Pinheiro and Gomes (1994) and determined by the 3,5 DNS technique (Sumner, 1924).
(1996), through a chromatographic study, showed that the galactogen of the albumen gland of B.
However, this is the first time that the galactogen content is used to evaluate the reproductive biology of B.