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A polymer of galactose occurring naturally, along with galacturonans and arabans, in pectins, for example, agar.
Synonym(s): galactosans
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Studies based on biology and structural evolution suggested that the SPs could be conserved among taxonomic groups and minor amounts occurring in Chlorophyta than Rhodophyta and Phaeophyta (Pomin & Mourao, 2008), which are the most common sources in sulfated galactans (mainly carrageenan and agaran) (Maciel et al., 2008; Pomin & Mourao, 2008) and fucan or fucoidan (Pomin & Mourao, 2008; Pomin, 2012), respectively.
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This study demonstrated that the immunomodulatory effect of AGAF belongs to [beta]-(1 [right arrow] 3, 1 [right arrow] 6) galactan backbone possessed the potential as inducer of DC maturation.
Anticoagulant properties of a sulfated galactan preparation from a marine green alga, Codium cylindricum.
Types and estimated levels of the major fibre constituents present in some cereal grains, % dry matter (adapted from Choct, 1997) Cereal AX (1) [beta]-Glucan Cellulose Wheat Soluble 1.8 0.4 -- Insoluble 6.3 0.4 2.0 Barley Soluble 0.8 3.6 -- Insoluble 7.1 0.7 3.9 Rye Soluble 3.4 0.9 -- Insoluble 5.5 1.1 1.5 Corn Soluble 0.1 -- -- Insoluble 5.1 -- 2.0 Cereal Mannan Galactan UA (2) Total Wheat -- 0.2 -- 2.4 -- 0.1 0.2 9.0 Barley -- 0.1 -- 4.5 0.2 0.1 0.2 12.2 Rye 0.1 0.1 0.1 4.6 0.2 0.2 0.1 8.6 Corn -- -- -- 0.1 0.2 0.6 -- 8.0 (1) Arabinoxylan (arabinose+xylose).
After sequential digestion with arabinofuranosidase to remove arabinose side chains from the galactan and arabinan, galactanase to remove the galactan, and xylogalacturonase to degrade the xylogalacturonan, low molecular weight products (less than 10,000 MW) were removed by ultrafiltration.
Recently, alterations in the chemical composition of the cell wall during abscission have indicated that the deposition of certain substances, such as xyloglucan and galactan for floral abscission and lignin for fruit, occurs specifically at the abscission zone [27].
tuberculosis es un patogeno intracelular que tiene la capacidad de sobrevivir y persistir dentro de las celulas fagociticas mononucleadas del hospedero, esto en gran parte gracias a su pared celular, la cual desempena un destacado papel fisiopatogenico, debido a sus propiedades particulares ya que actua como una verdadera coraza lipidica, con permeabilidad limitada, de modo que pocos antimicrobianos son capaces de atravesarla, (74) esta compuesta por una solida trama de peptidoglicanos y lipidos poco usuales como acidos micolicos, acido micocerico, fenoltiocerol, lipoarabinomano y arabinoalactano, unidos por enlaces covalentes D-arabino-D galactan; tambien presenta un alto contenido de glicolipidos, en particular a-a-trehalosa dimicolato (TDM) y a-a'-trehalosa monomicolato (TMM).
The [V.sub.H] regions of antibodies against the carbohydrate antigens galactan and levan are also encoded by [V.sub.H]441, but there are large differences between these antibodies in the sequences and length of their third hypervariable regions, CDR3.
Contrary to OAAO, acid extraction condition reduce the length of rhamnogalacturonan I side chains by depolymerising arabinan and galactan polymers.