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While herbal galactagogues can play an important part in supporting women with breastmilk supply issues, it may be the knowledge, attitude, support and referral skills of the herbalist that make the biggest difference to their patients' breastfeeding outcomes.
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Table 4: Infant feeding cues Early cues Change in breathing pattern Opening and closing mouth Stirring Turning head Seeking/ Rooting Mid cues Stretching Increased physical movement Hand to mouth Late cues Crying Agitated movements Turning red Adapted from (Riordan 2010) Table 5: Information on some core herbal galactagogues from the Western herbal materia medica Core Actions * / Daily Dosage Traditional Galactagogues suggestion/ Cautions Information Pimpinella Actions that may There are many anisum support galactagogue references to the (aniseed) effect: use of F.
Possible mechanisms for herbal galactagogue action include (Abascal 2008, Bruckner 1993, Humphrey 2003, Marasco 2009):
Individualising herbal galactagogue treatment allows herbal treatment to be tailored to suit the woman's situation and improve efficacy.
Common problems with galactagogue clinical trial methodology
Considerations for galactagogue dosage forms (tinctures, herbal teas and solid dosage forms)
Two older studies are sometimes cited in support of low dose VAC having a galactagogue effect (Weiss 1956).