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The average patterns of knee joint reaction force, internal knee abductor moment, and internal knee extensor moment between the OA and NS group were not qualitatively different throughout the course of the gait cycle.
During swing, the peak knee angle at 65 to 75 percent gait cycle was lower in the fast walking trials than in the below-threshold trials (Figure 2) due to knee-flexion resistance engagement, as expected.
GRF data were normalized to each subject's body weight, and the gait cycle was expressed as percent of paretic leg gait cycle (i.
We could measure the pistoning by analyzing the markers' positions; however, in order to detect one gait cycle in each trial, we also used two Kistler force plates.
FES pattern and joint control are synchronized throughout an entire gait cycle because no information is provided to discriminate between stance and swing.
We determined the temporal events of the gait cycle (heel-contact and toe-off) using foot switches (AURION s.
Make sure you're fitted properly into your shoe by a member of staff who's trained on the various technologies in each style and the intricacies of the gait cycle.
The percentage of the gait cycle spent in the double limb support in healthy older adults is 18-25% (Chien et al.
To allow for the inverted forefoot to contact the ground there is excessive compensatory pronation (amount & timing) beginning at the foot flat phase of the gait cycle.
Thus, it is reasonable to assume that coordination variability as an index of gait adaptation should be considered in a whole gait cycle during data analysis.
The last third of the swing phase is the period of gait cycle when the foot passes closest to the ground.
There are several methods to assess the kinetic and kinematic profile of the joints involved in the gait cycle.