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the increase achieved by amplification of a signal.
brightness gain a factor in intensification of radiographs; minification factor multiplied by flux gain.
flux gain in radiology, acceleration of electrons that strike the output phosphor in radiology; it serves as a factor in the intensification of images.
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1. Profit; advantage.
2. The ratio of output to input of an amplifying system, generally expressed in decibels in ultrasound.
[M.E. gayne, booty, fr. O.Fr., fr. Germanic]
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Vox populi An increase in a thing. See Primary gain, Secondary gain.
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1. Profit; advantage.
2. The ratio of output to input of an amplifying system, generally expressed in decibels.
[M.E. gayne, booty, fr. O.Fr., fr. Germanic]
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  1. (in physiological experiments) an increase in signal as a result of amplification.
  2. a shift in the progeny mean relative to the mean of the original population brought about by DIRECTIONAL SELECTION. Gain is used to estimate the HERITABILITY of characters.
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Patient discussion about gain

Q. Do psychiatric meds cause weight gain?

A. Some people gain weight while taking medications and need to pay extra attention to diet and exercise to control their weight.

Q. What is the normal weight to gain during pregnancy? I am 6 months and have gained three pounds. I have friends who have gained 10 pounds throughout their pregnancy and even a very heavy-set friend who said she gained only 1 pound. Is that even possible? I know every pregnancy is different but would still appreciate answers.

A. actually it depends on every single mother. but the varied normal range usually is between 7-13 kg, for 9 months pregnancy.
the important thing is you need to check your fetal development with your OB-GYN doctor, and the doctor can do the fetal biometry measurement by the help of ultrasound.

basic note is: not about the numbers of weight gain, but more important is the fetal well-being.
Good luck for your pregnancy, and stay healthy always

Q. Hi I want to gain my weight. 23yrs old 176mts height and my current weight is 56kgs..

A. Hi there. Lots of milkshakes should do it. That's what a nutritionist told me. What is mts? How does that relate to inches. How does kgs relate to pounds? Thank you.

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The podium contenders will have one last chance to gain time in the 54km time-trial from Bergerac to Perigueux, prior to Sunday's ceremonial sprinters' stage on the Champs-Elysees.
If this plan aims to "gain time for the regime, then it will pave way for further massacres," said Davutoglu.
"The postponement has been made at the request of the regime that seeks to gain time in an attempt to mislead the mediators," he told AFP.
Syria has rejected previous Arab initiatives, and it was not clear if this would be different, or if the regime was trying to gain time to try to crush the uprising.
I throw the dice to gain time I have to lose you must peek through your
Schleck had to gain time on the final day in the Pyrenees and he launched his attack halfway up the 18.6km ascent of the Tourmalet.
"If he's feeling super and Alberto [Contador] attacks and he goes with him, he won't throw away an opportunity to gain time on rivals.
AaAaAa For is part member of PAM's national bureau, Fouad Ali El Himma, said that the party seeks to send from LaEoyoune a clear message to the whole world, notably to the Algerian leaders, to make them understand that the autonomy initiative was not designed to gain time, as they claim, but it is a serious proposal that stems from Morocco's genuine will to settle, once and for all, the Sahara issue.
Lufthansa said it has filed a petition with the Austrian Takeover Commission for an extension of the deadline on the AUA deal to 31 August from the initial 31 July, hoping to gain time to comply with the antitrust requirements.
The government filibustered to gain time, then opted to halt Knesset vote on the Land Privatization Bill when it appeared the law would founder.
He said the government had not been serious to implement the confidence building agreement and its delegation seeks to gain time. The Sudanese television reported that the talks would resume within two months in August.
They, too, want to gain time to continue the negotiations with Parliament.