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n an involuntary retching reflex that may be stimulated by something touching the posterior palate or throat region.


the swallowing-vomiting activity of the gag reflex.

Patient discussion about gagging

Q. Does GAG really help? My mother suffers from osteoarthritis, and after taking a lot of pain-killers someone offered us to try glycosaminoglycans. Does it really help? It’s quite expensive….

A. As far as I know it wasn’t proved in well-controlled trials to benefit the patients over placebo, so if it’s a consideration for you, I’m not sure it justifies the price. However, I’m only a lay-man, so consulting a professional (i.e. a doctor) is better.

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713 clearly states that male patients and female patients has equal chances of getting gagging severity index as shown in table 2.
There are many ways for the management of gagging including behavioral techniques (relaxation technique, distraction technique, breathing technique, systemic desensitizing technique, cognitive therapy, re-education technique and acupuncture technique); Pharmacological techniques (local anesthesia, conscious sedation), and prosthodontics management (by management of maxillary edentulous custom tray, change of material and modification of prosthesis).
ETIOLOGY: A cause or a set of causes initiated by triggering of gagging may be inborn or acquired, local or general reflexes.
Anatomic Factors--It has been suggested that extensive distribution of the neural pathway; especially the vagus nerve may play a role in gagging (6).
The information begs the question of how many deaths and malpractice incidents could have been prevented if the gagging orders weren't taking place.
Gagging caused statistically significant increase in average heart rate but illustrated the changing trend of autonomic tone in favor of parasympathetic division over 5 minutes interval.
The right vagus nerve innervates the sinoatrial node, and parasympathetic hyperstimulation predisposes those affected to bradyarrhythmias; the left vagus nerve when hyperstimulated predisposes the heart to atrioventricular (AV) blocks, but these facts do not affect our results because we recorded average heart rate variability for 5 minutes before and after gagging.
Swallowing occurs when the muscle action is smooth and co ordinate, when muscle action is smooth and unco ordinate gagging occurs.
A clinical description of gagging behaviour has been described:
Direct gagging of the press is out of the question and closing the courtroom properly requires a hearing and a specific showing.
In a statement yesterday, the Sunday People warned the Government we will not take their gagging orders lying down.
As a result of the first gagging order, we have been banned from running a further article relating to these investigations that we had prepared for publication.