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Variant spelling of gauge.
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, gage (gaj)
1. A device for measuring the size, capacity, amount, or power of an object or substance.
2. A standard of measurement, e.g., of the diameter of a wire.
3. To judge or estimate a condition.

Bourdon gauge

See: Bourdon gauge
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An extended version of the circuit connects to each gage with four wires--two carrying current and two sensing voltage--and allows the completion resistor to be located in the measuring instrument up to 1,000 meters from the gage.
Gage's investigative reporting centers largely on issues connected with Greece, a nation in which violence simmers just beneath the surface.
"Purchasing gages and testing equipment can help to ensure product quality and reduce manufacturing costs, but only if they're working properly.
So Gage searched for an investment that would not only engage his accounting skills but also sweeten his retirement-- both with interesting work and a good return on the investment.
An example of a completed gage R&R test is displayed in Fig.
Gage lost his job soon after the accident and spent years wandering.
GR&R was used to determine if a gage was statistically capable of meeting the requirements imposed upon it.
The scoop on gages is in TB 43-180, Calibration and Repair Requirements for the Maintenance of Army Materiel.
The problem with that idea is that these machine guns are considered NOT READY/AVAILABLE if they don't have their gages or their gages haven't been calibrated in a year.
Evaluating the accuracy of foundry gage equipment provides better understanding of a casting's true conformance to requirements.
Another feature of the thread roll gage is the exact threading offset data it provides.
Each time the target passes the light switch, the switch signals the gage head when to start and stop measuring the workpiece and calculate the diameter, based on preset revolutions.