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 (Gd) [gad″o-lin´e-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 64, atomic weight 157.25. (See Appendix 6.)

gad·o·lin·i·um (Gd),

An element of the lanthanide group, atomic no. 64, atomic wt. 157.25. The paramagnetic properties of this element are used in contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging.
[mineral, gadolinite, from Johan Gadolin, Finnish chemist, 1760-1852]


A low-toxicity paramagnetic contrast-enhancement agent used in MR imaging, which, when injected during the scan, tends to change signal intensities by shortening T1 in its surroundings.


A rare element–AW, 157.25 used as a contrast medium for MRI of the CNS, to enhance visualization of neoplasms, parenchymal, and congenital lesions, infections, and post-operative 'failed back' syndromes


An element of the lanthanide group; atomic no. 64, atomic wt. 157.25. The magnetic properties of this element are used in contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging.


A very rare metallic element useful for its sensitivity to electromagnetic resonance, among other things. Traces of it can be injected into the body to enhance the MRI pictures.


(Gd) (gad'ō-lin'ē-ŭm)
An element of the lanthanide group; magnetic properties of this element are used in contrast media for magnetic resonance imaging.

Patient discussion about gadolinium

Q. Has anyone had an allergic reaction to gadolinium dye, MRI contrast agents, I have had a severe reaction. I would like to know the long term effects of this dye. And if anyone else has had or heard of problems and reactions to it. Please answer me. Thank you

A. In 1969 I almost died from the IVP dye. I had no idea I was allergic and when I awoke I was in a "recovery room." The doctor told me to always tell any physicians/paramedics etc of my allergy status regarding the dye. I now have chronic back pain, have a history of cancer in the family and the doctor wants to do a scan (including dye) but when I emphasized that I was allergic he backed off. Now I am wondering if there is anything else that can be done to test the bone (scan) without the dye. Any answers? Thanks

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