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A nonionic structural analog of gadolinium DPTA; used as a paramagnetic contrast medium in magnetic resonance imaging.
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The linear agents in question are gadobenic acid, gadodiamide, gadopentetic acid and gadoversetamide.
Contrast-enhanced MRI was performed 2 min after gadodiamide injection (GE Healthcare) at a dose of 0.1 mmol/kg of body weight.
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Omniscan[R] (gadodiamide; 500 mM/mL; human dose, 100 [micro]mol/kg) was purchased from GE Healthcare Inc.
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At 110 minutes after induction, the penguin was given 1.3 mmol of gadodiamide contrast agent (2.6 mL IV, Omniscan, gadodiamide 2.5 mmol/5 mL, GE Healthcare Australia, NSW, Australia) and postcontrast images were acquired.
Also, Group II gadolinium-based agents, such as gadoteridol and gadobenate dimeglumine, should be used rather than Group I agents like gadodiamide and gadopentatate dimeglumine, which are associated with the greatest number of NSF cases.
Closely related diagnostic agents are gadobenate dimeglumine (MultiHance), gadodiamide (Omniscan), gadofosveset (Ablavar), gadopentetate dimeglumine (Magnevist), gadoteridol (Prohance), and gadoversetamide (OptiMARK).
Patients At higher risk * Patients with CKD 4 and 5 (GFR < 30 ml/min) * Patients on dialysis * Patients with acute kidney insufficiency At lower risk * Patients with CKD 3 (GFR 30 - 59 ml/min) Not at risk of NSF * Patients with stable GFR > 60 ml/min) Highest risk of NSF Gadopentetate dimeglumine (Magnevist plus generic products) Gadodiamide (Omniscan) Gadoversetamide (Optimark) Recommendations for These agents are CONTRA-INDICATED high-risk group in: * patients with CKD 4 and 5 (GFR <30 ml/min), including those on dialysis * acute renal insufficiency * pregnant women * neonates These agents should be used with CAUTION in: * patients with CKD 3 (GFR 30 - 60 ml/min) * There should be at least 7 days between 2 injections.
Brain metastases--comparison of gadodiamide injection-enhanced MR imaging at standard and high dose, contrast-enhanced CT and non-contrast-enhanced MR imaging.