furfuryl alcohol

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fur·fu·ryl al·co·hol

A solvent and wetting agent.
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For example the foam containing more furfuryl alcohol are lighter and more homogeneous, but mechanically and thermally less performing than the standard formulations.
Furfuryl alcohol was the largest application segment for furfural market and accounted for more than 86.
Because beer is slightly acidic, its furfuryl alcohol can pick up an extra proton, explains Vanderhaegen.
Early research on furfuryl alcohol (FA) was focused on FA-resins as substitutes for phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resins for use in adhesives, moulding compounds, and inorganic composites (Dunlop and Peters 1953).
HSE has published chemical hazard alert notices (CHANs) for nine of the 16 withdrawn OESs to help employers control exposure: divinylbenzene (mixed isomers), furfuryl alcohol (FA), glycerol trinitrote, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, sulphur dioxide, ethylene dinitrate, subtilisins and sulphuric acid.
The pollution prevention requirements include a metallic scrap management plan, a mercury switch removal program and a restriction on binder formulation for furfuryl alcohol warm box mold- or coremaking.
The growth of binder systems will be derived from renewable resources, such as the furfuryl alcohol system that can be extracted from plants.
The choice of resin for furan nobake molding with the correct quantities of furfuryl alcohol and urea-formaldehyde is critical as they reduce the fragility of the resin layer surrounding the sand grains.
During the furfuryl alcohol shortages, phenolic nobake binder use grew and became widely accepted in the U.