furfuryl alcohol

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fur·fu·ryl al·co·hol

A solvent and wetting agent.
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Major companies are integrated along the value chain and are involved in the production of furfural derivatives such as furfuryl alcohol.
If brewers reduce the heat applied, says Vanderhaegen, they can decrease the amount of furfuryl alcohol in the wort and, therefore, the amount of furfuryl ethyl ether that forms in the stored beer.
Executive summary Furfuryl Alcohol and Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol imports by country Key consumers 3.
Evaluation of the biological resistance of wood impregnated with furfuryl alcohol.
Dimensional stabilization of wood with furfuryl alcohol.
Furfuryl Alcohol And Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol exports segmented by region and country (2006)
Furfuryl Alcohol And Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol imports data broken down by region and country (2006)
During the furfuryl alcohol shortages, phenolic nobake binder use grew and became widely accepted in the U.
The furan resin does not require a nitrogen catalyst, but in many cases still contains significant amounts of urea (a nitrogen compound) as a part of its furfuryl alcohol solvent system.
Another nobake binder, the furan/acid system, is a combination of nitrogen-containing urea formaldehyde polymers dissolved in furfuryl alcohol.
Furfuryl alcohol (furan) used in conjuction with urea formaldehyde resins, supplanted the original unmodified urea formaldehyde resin.