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The monovalent radical derived from furfuryl alcohol by loss of the OH group.
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1 mmol) was dissolved in chloroform in a 250 ml container equipped with a condenser and then the glycidyl furfuryl ether was added to the solution.
Furfuryl alcohol was the largest application segment for furfural market and accounted for more than 86.
3, 2004 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Vanderhaegen's team detailed how furfuryl ethyl ether forms.
As for the EU actions themselves, while five definitive measures were set, three of them were anti-dumping (Chinese para-cresol and furfuryl alcohol, Russian silicon metal) while two were anti-subsidy (Indian Recordable compact disks (CD-Rs) and South Korean dynamic random access memory chips).
A water and ethanol containing petrol blend that contains furfuryl alcohol and ethene oxide is patented [117], but it must be mentioned that these additives are relatively unstable.
The binder is a furfuryl alcohol with zero nitrogen and zero water.
Tannin foams are innovative materials obtained exploiting the capacity of tannin for undergoing poly-addition reactions and that of furfuryl alcohol to polymerize under acid catalysis.
On the other hand, these compounds can exhaust the action of other compounds, which act as masking agents for the fruity character, or they could be the precursors of transformation products such as furfyl thiols possessing strong coffee aroma and furfuryl ethyl ester possessing kerosene-like aroma both being able to mask fruity flavors.
Sugar cane bagasse and curaua lignins oxidized by chlorine dioxide and reacted with furfuryl alcohol: Characterization and stability.
The European Union is due to set definitive five-year anti-dumping duties of up to Euro 250 per tonne on imports from China of the industrial alcohol furfuryl - up from Euro 181 in the European Commission's provisional measures.
withdrawal of 16 OESs: clichlorvos, divinylbenzene (mixed isomers), furfuryl alcohol (FA), glycerol trinitrate, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, sulphur dioxide, propylene dinitrate, ethylene dinitrate, subtilisins, sulphuric acid and five glycidyl ethers (2,3-epoxpropyl ethers).