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, pl.


(fŭr'fŭr, fŭr'fyū-rēz),
An epidermal scale; for example, dandruff.
[L. bran]
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n. pl. fur·fures (-fyə-rēz′)
An epidermal scale, as that associated with dandruff.
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Cure degree results presented very low correlation with the used chemical amounts of furfuraldehyde and sulfuric acid.
U.S.A., Benzaldehyde, Furfuraldehyde, P-Chloro benzaldehyde, and 3-Nitrobenzaldehyde have been purchased from S.D.
The investigation found from 1993 until the end of 1997, annual EU consumption of the capacitors rose from 70.7 million units to 82.5 million.Fufuraldehyde.The EU did, confirm definitive anti-dumping duties on furfuraldehyde imports from China of Euro 352 per tonne.