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Scales dorsally on Ant 1-2, head, coxa, trochanter, femur, tibiotarsus, body and anterior face of furcula (manubrium and dens).
Cuerpo alargado nunca globoso, segmentos del torax y primeros cuatro segmentos abdominales no fusionados; furcula presente de tamano variado (Figs.
Cuerpo globoso, cuando menos los primeros cuatro segmentos abdominales fusionados, furcula bien desarrollada (Fig.
Furcula represented by two, short, elbowed projections broader than long, with rounded apex (Figs 82, 82a).
Furcula represented by two digitiform, long projections: longer than broad, with rounded apex (Fig.
zenoni's cerci (Figs 2-4); furcula represented by small, rounded lobes projecting backwards (Fig.
Male cerci subconical in side view, basally expanded, gently curved at about midlength, semispatulate distally with moderately acute apex; furcula represented by small, rounded lobes, projecting posteriorly (Fig.
Measurement data (tegmen length, distance between eyes, and male furcula length) were analyzed under a normal distribution while categorical variables (tibial color, postocular bar development, and postocular color) were analyzed under a multinomial distribution.
3B); male cerci lateral view subconical, basally expanded, acutely incurved about middle portion, diStal half spatulate (Figs 3C, D); furcula with rounded lobes projecting finger-like downwards (Fig.
4)Tenth abdominal tergite decorated with 5 melanized points, but no furcula per se.
Male: Posterior margin of 10th tergite usually with the suspicion of a small weak furcula (e.g., Fig.