furano-sesquiterpenes, furanosesquiterpenes

toxic essential oils, e.g. ngaione, myodesmone.
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They found that all the constituents of the oil were sesquiterpenes especially furanosesquiterpenes.
Furanosesquiterpenes from the essential oil of myrrh.
Our results seem to conflict with a previous report by Avila (1995) of unknown furanosesquiterpenes in H.
The results suggest that the responsible for the antinociceptive and hypothermic effect were the isolated furanosesquiterpenes.
Essential oil; Antinociceptive; Hypothermic; Furanosesquiterpenes
From the results, we can infer that the antinociceptive effect was associated to the furanosesquiterpenes (1) and (2), mostly found in the pentane fraction, that were able to inhibit the constrictions at the same magnitude (70%) of the pentane fraction with half the dose, showing to be much more active when comparing the effects observed for the same dose employed (l00mg/kg) (Fig.
1996) described the in vivo analgesic effect on the hot plate and abdominal constrictions tests for two furanosesquiterpenes isolated from mirra (C molmol), curzerene and furanodiene that was mediated by the interaction with opioid receptors.
In this study we evaluated the ability of the essential oil and the mixture of the furanosesquiterpenes (1) and (2) to diminish the body temperature.
This paper reports for the first time the antinociceptive and hypothermic activities of the essential oil of the leaves of Brazilian cherry tree or pitangueira and of the furanosesquiterpenes, atractylone (1) and 3-furanoeu-desmane (2) that are orally effective.