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"proibidoes": funks com letras que narram o cotidiano dos
ignorando, por exemplo, os funks de denuncia, de critica social e mesmo
Recently, two new companies announced they were breaking new ground and taking root in the seed business--Rob-See-Co and Funk Seed.
The Funk name carries equal legacy weight with a long and significant history in the agricultural seed industry In 1935, Edward J.
"We have a brilliant line up, and my Fantasy Funk Band are a dream collection of soul and funk heroes," he says.
Since then, the band also has played at the New Orleans Jazz Fest with Papa Grows Funk, which rates them as "the best band that we've played with on the road."
Drawing the heat off gangsta rap by recycling the funk of their early youth, the kinship grouping of Dre, Snoop, and 1994's new rap star, Warren G (Dre's younger half-brother and Snoop's best friend), nailed down a classic auto-cruising sound and provided a slew of accompanying life-style images on video and film.
Here's what 10 of the trend's leaders from across the country have to say about the funk factor.