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 [fu-nik´u-lus] (pl. funic´uli) (L.)
cord: anatomical nomenclature for a cordlike structure or part, especially one of the large bundle of nerve tracts that make up the white matter of the spinal cord. adj. adj funic´ular.
anterior funiculus ventral funiculus.
dorsal funiculus the white substance of the spinal cord lying on either side between the posterior median sulcus and the dorsal root.
lateral funiculus (funiculus latera´lis) the lateral mass of fibers on either side of the spinal cord, between the anterolateral and posterolateral sulci.
posterior funiculus dorsal funiculus.
funiculus sperma´ticus the spermatic cord.
ventral funiculus the white substance of the spinal cord lying on either side between the ventral median fissure and the ventral roots of the spinal nerves.
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Plural of funiculus.
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(fu-nik'yu-lus) (fu-nik'yu-li?, -le?) plural.funiculi [L. funiculus, slender rope, cord]
1. A cord-like structure.
2. One of the three main divisions of the white matter in the right or left half of the spinal cord. The funiculi lie peripherally and are separated by the dorsal and ventral horns of the gray matter.

dorsal funiculus

Dorsal column.

lateral funiculus 2

Lateral column.

ventral funiculus

Ventral column.
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The seeds complete their development outside of the ovary on enlarged funiculi. Loconte and Blackwell (1981, 1985) report that the two varieties differ in flowering phenology, with peak anthesis of C.
Movement 6, "Burlesca (Funicula ridicule)," is a funny march, which, after a long and sly preparation, introduces the tune "Funiculi, Funicula" to great comic effect.
It is interesting that, when he was at first denied permission by the publisher Ricordi to quote the popular song 'Funiculi Funicula' in the finale of his orchestral work Italia, he should have thought of turning to Mahler for assistance: the employment of such a song is surely a somewhat Mahlerian gesture.
In the SCI, only group P[0.sup.+] myelin was detected in the gray matter primarily within the area of dorsal funiculi (DF) in the number of 2-3 axons with peripheral myelin over an area of 0.026 [mm.sup.2], with its most part being disintegrated (Figures 2(b) and 2(c)).
The summer concert, on Saturday, June 10, promises 20 items, including four joint pieces - Funiculi Funicula, Morte Christe, Soldiers Chorus and We Rise Again - and a rendition of the emotional You Raise Me Up, with the choir's conductor Thom Meredith taking the solo baritone part.
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Good examples are Luigi Denza (1867-1922), a former student of Mercadante's at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella and composer of about 600 songs, including the world-renowned 'Funiculi Funicula' (1880), and Enrico De Leva (1867-1955).
More questionable were the "Italian" qualifications of Richard Strauss' rambling Aus Italien, virtually a four-movement symphony but with no Italian elements until the embarrassing variations upon "Funiculi, funicula!" which the gullible composer assumed was an ancient folksong (the Vesuvius funicular railway which was the subject of this commercial popsong was only six years old at the time of Strauss' composition).
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